Authentic Cretan Hospitality
Feel the Cretan hospitality
Inspired by nature
The hotel has a long history and through the years it has truly immersed in the free spirited culture of Paleochora and its niche tourism
A Heaven on the Crete Island
A 4-star hotel just a few minutes from Heraklion, where you can experience the luxury of a world created for your well-being.
Private Pool
The luxury of the Private Pool
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Nature way of life

Amounda bay, is much more than a holiday experience. You will feel the warmth of Cretan hospitality. You will spend the best vacation of your life in an architecturally wonderful place with the best services you can enjoy.


A 4-star hotel just a few minutes from Heraklion, where you can experience the luxury of a world created for your well-being.

We have a holistic philosophy that translates into creating a harmonious environment, complemented by wellness services that aim to detoxify and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

One of the world’s best destinations

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Just 200 meters from the sea, our hotel has 190 rooms with full services, and suites that offer unobstructed views of one of the best destinations in the world.

Rooms & suites

Rooms and Suites are suspended between the azure sea and the deep blue skies.

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They offer comfort and views that will make your vacation unforgettable. Inspired by the refinement of the Mediterranean, they are uniquely designed, combining simplicity and luxury.



I look around and I am amazed how beautiful the world can be. Traditional local architecture or modern design, extensive gardens and pool landscapes and thoughtful details are a constant source od delight throughout my stay.


Relaxing music interwoven with the sounds of nature creates a symphony  of peace and deep contentment. My inner voice says: I feel good here.


From my very first breath I smell the distinctive scents that create a holiday mood: the sea, exotic flowers, rare spices and precius oils.


My senses of taste rejoice all day long: delicious meals made with seasonal ingredients, tempting snacks and refreshing cocktails. Life has never tasted so good! 


Spa and wellness facilities pamper my body and caress my soul. I feel joy. Sport and ecercise make me feel alive with every fibre of my body.

Holiday at Last! Time to leave the daily routine behind, recharge your batteries
and immerse yourself in a world that offers "recreation for all the senses"

A journey through the flavors of the region

The food in the “restaurant” is inspired by the fresh, abundant produce of the Mediterranean cuisine, wonderful exquisite local flavors and culinary traditions. Sourcing only the BEST LOCAL INGREDIENTS, our chef personally designs each dish individually.


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